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After years of hard work and soul crushing crunch, an idea was born. It grew into what today is Infinite Mana Games and Project Expeditions. The studio was established in 2022 by a group of talented developers whose passion for fun and entertainment led them to take a leap into the unknown.

Project Expeditions

To be announced...

Our first project is codenamed ‘Expeditions’, and most of the key details are still top secret.

What we can say is that the game will be built for PC and XBox in Unreal Engine 5, and that it will have several similarities with other popular 3D isometric action RPGs.

However, ‘Expeditions’ will have a twist that we feel confident will propel the game into the stratosphere.

We are imagining not only a great performing, well built and beautiful video game, but also one with actionpacked gameplay and a dynamic system to custom-make the experience into your own.

Furthermore, we want to deliver a game that will enthrall an invested viewing audience that can watch the competition unfold on any platform where they enjoy live video streaming. Our motto is ‘awesome to play, awesome to watch’, and with Expeditions, we intend to deliver in spades.

Meet the Infinite Mana Games team

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