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Expeditions the tv-show

Infinite Mana Games partners with screenwriter and producer André Hedetoft at Studios Extraordinaires to expand the Expeditions universe for Film and TV

Swedish Game Studio, Infinite Mana Games, and screenwriter and producer André Hedetoft at Studios Extraordinaires, have announced a new partnership around expanding The Expeditions universe for film and TV for global audiences and will be going out to international partners, studios, and streamers during the Cannes Film Festival.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with André Hedetoft to expand the universe of The Expeditions for film and TV,” says Nicklas Cederström, Creative Director at Infinite Mana Games. “Our development team became so immersed in the creation of the lore, characters, and story in the IP beyond our action role-playing game, and we saw a unique opportunity to bring this incredible world to life for a wider audience, in order to fully realize its potential.”

Infinite Mana Games is a Swedish game studio founded by game industry veterans Creative Director Nicklas Cederström, CEO Ernst ten Bosch, and Tech Director Gustav Ralmark. Together they have a combined game-development experience of 50 years as some of the industry’s top studios like Massive, Blizzard, Avalanche, and Tarsier.

Details of The Expeditions game are kept under wraps but are said to be an action RPG for PC and Xbox, in which players embark on a perilous expedition of discovery in the flintlock fantasy world of Ataria.

“I’m very excited to partner with Nicklas, Ernst, and the rest of the incredible team at Infinite Mana Games. I fell head-over-heels in love with the game they are making and can’t wait to expand the narrative for tv, bringing these characters, and this extraordinary world, to life in a live-action adaptation for audiences around the world.” – says André Hedetoft, Screenwriter and Producer at Studios Extraordinaires.

Studios Extraordinaires was founded by Swedish screenwriter and producer André Hedetoft and is driven by creating, acquiring, and managing extraordinary stories and bringing them to life with international partners in the film, tv, and gaming industries. Upcoming projects include the sci-fi action film WILDA, the animated tv-series LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME, the feature film FAUSTINE, and other originals, adaptations, and assignments currently kept under wraps.

“Our game represents a story that should be told in every medium, and the partnership with Studios Extraordinaires will allow us to explore new opportunities for the Expeditions universe and create a seamless synergy between the gaming and entertainment industries. By bringing together the expertise of both our teams, I have no doubt that this collaboration will allow us to penetrate the hearts of an audience much larger than just gamers, and I’m super excited about finding opportunities on the big screen, the small screen, phone screen, whichever screen!” - says Ernst Ten Bosch, CEO at Infinite Mana

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